Submission of Articles

Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (PCBMB) is an international English-language journal which includes papers exploring both basic and applied aspects of biotechnological research and encompasses various disciplines including plant biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, tree-biotechnology, molecular biotechnology, food biotechnology, marine biotechnology, molecular breeding and genetics, molecular phytopathology, developmental and cell biology, plant genetic engineering and transgenic technology.

All manuscripts for submission and correspondence concerning manuscripts under review should be sent to the Executive Editor or one of the Editors (see Editors List). Three copies (original and two copies) of the manuscript (including all figures and tables) and the copyright agreement should be submitted. Manuscripts and illustrations will not be returned following publication unless a request for return is made when the manuscript is originally submitted. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers via e-mail for fast review as well as printing but at the same time a hard copy must be submitted for our record. Photos must be submitted in hard copy only.

In order to assist and expedite the review process, the authors are requested to submit the names and complete addresses of five possible independent reviewers out side their own institution. The authors may request that certain reviewers be excluded from reviewing their paper if they feel that these reviewers may be unfavourably biased. The choice of the reviewers will however remain with the editorial board. The Executive Editor will make the final decision on acceptance.

Submission of Articles: Manuscripts should be submitted in Triplicate (one original and two copies) to the Executive Editor (e-mail: or or any one of the Editors.

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